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Students and apprentices at Selektro A/S

At Selektro A/S, we are happy to work with students and apprentices, as they are an important part of the company’s DNA and provide dynamism and inspiration in any business.

As a social responsibility, Selektro contributes to getting young and talented people into the labor market, and we also take responsibility for educating our future employees, as otherwise we risk running out of good specialists in the future.

The electronics industry can generally offer a good career with exciting job opportunities, where employees who have been through an apprenticeship or trainee program have a strong base where they will be able to gain a competitive advantage through a practical course.

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At Selektro, we have the pleasure of employing a lot of talented students and apprentices. In administration, we have hired Emil as a purchasing apprentice and Emilie as an administration apprentice. In production, we have hired Julie and Pia as electronics operator apprentices, and Jonas, Martin and Casper as electronics technician apprentices.

Our students and apprentices have always performed exceptionally well in their profession, and we naturally want to celebrate this at Selektro.

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