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Investments in improving traceability

In order to improve traceability and ensure stock is always up to date, we have decided to invest in an X-ray counter from TechValley (the Hawkeye 1000.)

With this machine we get Accuracy: 99,9% and the ability to count SMD components down to : 0201 metric / 008004″ imperial

The system can inspect up to four reels at once improving throughput.

Some highlights from the supplier:

World’s best X-ray component counter technology
• Counts up to 4 reels (180 mm) simultaneously
• Highly reduces SMD counting time (labor costs) and kitting times
• Increases inventory management time
• Reduces SMT line down-time

Automatic component counting
• Reel max size: 4 reels – 180 mm
• Reel max size: 1 reel   – 380 mm
• ERP / MES integration
• No damage to components or reels during counting

Improvement of inventory space for SMD components

Another new investment is an additional cabinet to our ISM UltraFlex system  to now have 1×3600 and 2×3900 + 1 ISM 500

With this new addition we now have more than 640 positions to store moisture sensitive SMD components and more than 9000 normal reel slots.

With this addition we now add to our existing system offering full traceability from reel batch to finished PCBA.

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