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In order to empower our customers to achieve greater success, we offer top-notch design and product engineering services for both hardware and software. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating electronics manufacturing services, including mechanics, cable assemblies, and electronics, to provide comprehensive solutions.

At Selektro, we have a team of specialized professionals, engineers, and technicians dedicated to offering customers technical information, consulting services, and training. With our extensive experience in design and product engineering services in the EMS field, we are well-equipped to provide support for existing products as well as system design for new product introductions and developments. By maintaining a network of external development partners and close proximity to universities, we stay at the forefront of the latest technological advancements in the EMS industry.


Our team of experts harnesses the power of collaboration and excels in the following specialized areas:


Selektro’s engineering teams collaborate closely with our production structures and possess extensive expertise in the interfaces with sales, purchasing, logistics, and production. With years of experience under our belt, we are adept at creating designs that are optimized for seamless production processes:

  • High-frequency, radio, and communication technology

  • Embedded-Software in C for 8 to 32-bit microcontrollers, from microchip PIC to ARM A8

  • Power electronics in the low watt to one kilowatt range

  • Implementing of sensor technologies

  • For applications with increased environmental requirements such as automotive production, defense technology or potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

  • Production requirements taken into consideration during development

  • Inclusion of production interfaces during the concept phase of a development project

  • Supporting in the certification process

  • Consideration of strategic suppliers during component selection

  • For applications with increased environmental requirements such as automotive production, defense technology or potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

  • Realisation of inspections and conducting of analyses for specific quality requirements

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The functionality of a good product is considered early in the development process. Good functionality is not achieved by starting with programming, but by analysing the use of the product and basing the design on this application. Selektro does this to define the parameters and details of the project, and also to clarify the required methods and algorithms for the solution of the project. Selektro has the necessary expertise in, amongst others, signal processing, control and regulation systems.

On the basis of these analyses, a software design is prepared using tools such as State Machines and Flow Charts.

  • A verifiable design that minimizes the risk of error. This is because tests are planned based directly on clear diagrams.
  • The option to clarify functional details early in the development process. This minimizes the overall time used and ensures that the end product satisfies the customer’s expectations.

Embedded software development is carried out for:

  • Microprocessor/Microcontroller (CPU/MCU), for example from Infineon, Freescale and NXP.
  • Signal processor (DSP)
  • PLC

Implementation of software to processors (CPU/MCU/DSP) is usually performed out in C with optimisation in Assembler for the specific architecture and platform. Module-based software development is used to minimise development times and ensure quality, this because each module has been previously used.


As regards hardware development, Selektro offers tailored and customer-specific solutions for, amongst other things:

  • Analogue electronics
  • Digital electronics
  • Embedded systems
  • Wireless communication and networks
  • Weighing systems
  • Sensor systems, including measurement of pressure, vacuum, temperature, acceleration and angles
  • Battery technologies
  • HMI, including display, keyboards and touch technology
  • Smaller mechanical solutions

We also offer layout of PCBs that have not been developed by Selektro.

  • Mentor Graphics PADS (Power Logic and Power PCB)
  • LTspice
  • TINA

We also have the ability to import and export data from many other tools.

In our hardware development we emphasise EMC-compliant design to ensure that the product can be certified in accordance with legal requirements in the area concerned. Furthermore, production requirements are also considered from the outset in the design process, this to ensure that the product is optimised for production.

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Tailored Test Design & Development for EMS Industry’s Unique Requirements

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