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Experience our comprehensive NPI, prototyping, and integrated services that guarantee a seamless supply chain and manufacturing process. Our services not only set the standard for future serial production but also ensure shorter time-to-market, all while maintaining a strong focus on quality.

Streamlined New Product Introduction (NPI) Process for Seamless Serial Production.

Our New Product Introduction (NPI) process covers the entire product development journey, from the initial phase to the refined and reproducible final product, ready for serial production. We meticulously monitor, evaluate, and review each step of the standardized NPI process to ensure exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that the best results are achieved through collaboration and leveraging our expertise, allowing you to focus more on your core business while we handle the intricacies of the NPI process.

To ensure your success, we simplify the complexities of electronic manufacturing services across six primary stages of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. These stages include:

We provide comprehensive support in transferring your developments into series production. Our services include:

In this stage, we kickstart the project by identifying key activities and preparing the initial draft of the project plan. This step is crucial in laying the foundation for a successful NPI process.

During this stage, we execute design and development activities to bring your product to life. Our dedicated team of experts works closely with you to ensure that the design meets your specifications and requirements.

Running first prototypes is essential to verify the product design. We meticulously test and evaluate the prototypes to ensure they meet the desired functionality and performance standards.

In this phase we work with a wide array of certification bodies to make sure every requerred aspect of your products are certified and approved according to specifications.

In the industrialize stage, we focus on developing and validating manufacturing systems. This includes prebuilds and zero builds, as well as establishing robust manufacturing, testing, and supply chain systems to ensure the setup of high-quality products.

In the ramp-up stage, we conduct long-term validation to ensure that our capabilities align with delivering products according to your requirements and within the desired budget. We aim to provide a seamless and efficient production process to meet your customer demands.

We assist in the development and setup of test equipment for your product. This includes designing and implementing test systems to ensure the quality and functionality of your product during production.

Our team specializes in tooling construction and programming. We create customized tools and programming solutions tailored to your specific product requirements, ensuring efficient and accurate production processes.

We compile and organize relevant data throughout the NPI process. This includes gathering and analyzing data related to design, testing, and production, providing you with valuable insights for decision-making.

Our experts manage the configuration of your product throughout the NPI process. This includes tracking and documenting changes, ensuring that the final product meets the desired specifications.

We offer packaging solutions tailored to your product requirements. Our team ensures that your product is packaged securely and efficiently, protecting it during transportation and storage.

We develop procurement and logistics concepts to ensure a smooth supply chain process. Our expertise in sourcing and managing suppliers helps optimize cost and efficiency in the procurement of materials.

We provide labelling solutions for your product, including branding, regulatory compliance, and product information. Our team ensures that your product is properly labeled, meeting all necessary requirements.

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Our services


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Our design and engineering approach ensures cost-efficiency, exceptional quality, and rapid time to market for our customers.

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