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Why should you consider outsourcing to an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider in Denmark?

Denmark has established itself as a leading manufacturer of electronics, with a thriving export industry. Their electronics manufacturing spans various categories, including electronic components, devices, industrial electronics, and home electronics. The Danish electronic industry has a well-deserved reputation for developing and producing high-tech solutions, including products for the windmill, packaging, military, medico, maritime, transport and food processing industries. A significant proportion of the telecommunication equipment in the market comes from Denmark, further cementing its position as a global leader in the electronics sector.

Denmark is a hub for electronic equipment and device development and trade. If you’re searching for specialized electronic equipment and devices, Denmark is the ideal location to source them. With several types of electronic manufacturing suppliers in Denmark, only a few of these companies specialize in producing their products. The remaining companies provide contract services to customers worldwide. Production and assembly of PCB remain a core business for all these companies. As technology continues to advance and become ubiquitous in daily routines, the significance of PCBA in modern living and industrial production cannot be overstated.

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To fully capitalize on the advantages of outsourcing your production, it is crucial to partner with the most suitable Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS) for your specific requirements. Selecting an unreliable EMS provider, or one that fails to meet your expectations, can lead to adverse consequences, and potentially harm your company’s image and performance. With numerous variables involved in ensuring a successful product, working with the correct contract manufacturer can provide the necessary peace of mind to concentrate on managing your own capabilities to growth your business.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider


When selecting an electronics manufacturing service provider, research their capabilities and evaluate their previous projects to ensure they align with your requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask critical questions to determine their experience.

Design Proficiency

It’s important to know whether an EMS provider specializes in electronics assembly or has design expertise in specific areas that align with your needs.


Ensure that your EMS provider is capable and up-to-date with your product/project requirements in an industry where technology is rapidly evolving.

Quality Focus and Certifications

Choose an EMS provider with both top-quality assurance and quality control, as they balance each other out, providing a durable product and preventing defects and problems during manufacturing. Certifications are a valuable manner to prove an accurate tracking of the quality processes.

Supply Chain Management System

A good supply chain management system ensures that your EMS provider knows precisely how and where to find your product components, saving time and resources.


Product testing is crucial to ensure that your product meets your performance requirements.

Key considerations

  • Is the EMS provider capable of meeting your anticipated volumes or product technology requirements?
  • How much involvement do you require in the process?
  • What finances can you commit to the process, and are there various service levels offered?
  • Do you need to adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines, and are there environmental initiatives to consider?
  • Protect your intellectual property by choosing an EMS provider that has adequate measures in place to safeguard your information.

Why Selektro?

Selektro A/S specializes in electronics production, offering advanced PCB assembly with a zero-error philosophy. We aim to provide high-tech production through modern and efficient equipment operated by experienced personnel. We have a versatile and flexible production environment that meets varying series sizes and complexities, covering manual to highly automated assembly of both HMT and SMT components. Selektros SMT machines ensure a high standard of SMD assembly, while subsequent soldering with nitrogen maintains high-quality electronic assembly. Selektro’s production staff has extensive experience in post-processing on prints, and we are looking forward to welcoming your requests.

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