This Selektro module can use SMS or an App on cell phones for controlling and monitoring.

For example, the module can be connected to other systems or devices. This is via the analog and digital inputs as well as the relay outputs. The module can also be directly connected to a wide range of sensors, and directly turn equipment on and off, such as in lighting, heating, motors, etc.

The module can be configured to automatically send a message or activate an output when a specific event occurs. This allows for easy 24-hour monitoring and quick response.

Via a smart configuration language, the conditions for controlling and monitoring can easily and quickly be configured. The language allows for more advanced configurations by combining different types of inputs and timers, and can therefore also be applied beyond simple turn-on/turn-off controls.


Controlling and monitoring of:

  • Houses, vacation homes, garages, greenhouses
  • Installations, machines, access systems
  • Heating, lighting, environment, irrigation
  • Temperature, levels, pressure, voltage, current
  • Power loss
  • Valves, pumps, motors
  • Wherever controlling and monitoring can be connected.
CCM 164 illustration

If you have special needs or demands for functionality, then contact Selektro to hear the possibilities.


  • Built-in power supply with internal backup
  • One analog (4-20mA) input
  • Six digital (12-24VDC) or analog (0-10V) inputs
  • Four relay outputs: 2 power and 2 switching relay outputs
  • Power outlet (24VDC) for example for sensors
  • Internal monitoring of power loss, which can also activate a message
  • Internal event log
  • Communication via SMS
  • Overvoltage CAT III
  • Mounting on a DIN-rail
  • SMA-connector for an external antenna
  • Supported languages: Danish, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian
  • Firmware updates via USB
  • Endurance surge protected
Get data from various sensors
Turn on or of relays
Give notifications if certain scenarios are activated


The Selektro CCM app can be used to easily configure, manually control, and read out the status of the Selektro CCM modules. The app does the job of sending the necessary SMS instructions to the modules, depending on the type of configuration that has been defined in the application and the types of procedures that are to be performed. SMS messages configured for automatic transmission from the modules, for example alarms, will be received as standard SMS messages and do not require installation or use of the app.

The Selektro CCM app can store the configuration of and manage several modules simultaneously. A unique configuration ID accompanies each communication, which ensures consistency between the configuration stored in the app and that in the modules.

Get the Selektro CCM App for your perfered device here:

Get the User Manual for the Selektro CCM App here

Phone showing our CCM app


The Selektro CCM App requests permission to read the user contacts. This permission is used solely to enable the user to easily input phone numbers to the setup of the CCM module, and that the app can display the name of the contact together with the phone number. Selektro handles this as personal and sensitive user data, and do not collect or share information from the user contacts.

Transit data is collect for diagnostics and customer support.

For further information on our handling of data, we refere to our privacy statement

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