Selektro is involved in many different types of tasks for a wide range of markets. We have extensive experience, for example in construction and engineering in the waste water sector. We also deliver units for monitoring pumps, lowering of water tables and for use in association with floods. Our products are also used for the cleaning of ballast tanks in ships.

In this market segment, for example, we have delivered electronics for cement plants and air pressure equipment. In the security branch have been behind the electronics that control access and alarm systems. In the same branch we also combine precision mechanics and electronics in our solutions for safety deposit cases used to transport and store money and other valuables.

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The path to effective and robust solutions is via Selektro, which for more than a decade has been an active participant in the Automotive industryRead about Automotive & Hydraulics

At Selektro we are especially green-minded when it concerns nurturing ideas and developing electronic solutions in CleantechRead about Cleantech / Grid management

An identifying factor of Selektro is that we will gladly dive into deep waters and think of completely new possibilities and products, for example Maritime / OffshoreRead about Maritime / Offshore

On a daily basis Selektro battles to optimise all ranks of products, and therefore delivers bullet-proof quality to civilian customers and DefenceRead about Defence & Security

A special, yet demanding, skill niche in the daily tasks at Selektro is the development and production of Cable and HarnessRead about Cable & Harnesses

With more than 20 years knowledge and know-how about everything from prototypes to mass production, Selektro is an experienced expert in quality solutions for Industrial & pumpingRead about Industrial & Pumping


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Selektro is an innovative company creating technological advances in close cooperation with our customers. With courage to think outside of the box, we work in a targeted fashion to find optimal solutions to complex problems.

Most of our customers allow us to manage the entire production process. Others entrust us with smaller specialist projects. In both situations it allows our customers to concentrate on their own core skills.


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