Selektro CCM Privacy policy

The Selektro CCM app can be used to easily configure, manually control, and read out the status of the Selektro CCM modules. Read more about the CCM modules and see the user manuals and more at

The Selektro CCM app does the job of sending the necessary SMS instructions to the modules, depending on the type of configuration that has been defined in the application and the types of procedures that are to be performed. SMS messages configured for automatic transmission from the modules, for example alarms, will be received as standard SMS messages and do not require installation or use of the app.

The Selektro CCM app can store the configuration of and manage several modules simultaneously. A unique configuration ID accompanies each communication, which ensures consistency between the configuration stored in the app and that in the modules.

Conditions of use

The Selektro CCM app is offered ”as is” without any form of guarantee.

By using the Selektro CCM app you are still responsible for ensuring that your modules work as expected. Selektro A/S cannot be held responsible, and it is recommended that you ensure that your modules perform as expected both by using the Selektro CCM app and standard SMS messages.

Selektro A/S does not accept any responsibility for damages arising from the use of the Selektro CCM app or from its unavailability for use, this being personal, material or business damage.

Furthermore, reference is made to the general conditions as described in the user manuals of the CCM modules.

Permissions and private data

The following sections describe the types of permissions that the Selektro CCM app requests and what these are used for.

Read your contacts

This permission is used to allow the user to easily read numbers into the modules’ phonebooks from the telephone’s own phonebook. This permission can be deselected, following which phone numbers can only be manually entered.

Anonymous usage data

The Selektro CCM app has the possibility to send anonymous usage data to Selektro, this with the intention to identify possible problems with the Selektro CCM app. This is done by using the Flurry Analytics service from Yahoo ( If you do not want to assist Selektro by sending this anonymous usage data, it can be deactivated in the Settings menu on the front page of the application.


The Selektro CCM app send SMS to Communicate with your modules. To deny this, disallow the sms permission in the app or in your phones settings.


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