Selektro in Moeldrup is now ISO/TS 29001 certified, a quality standard targeted specifically at suppliers in the oil and gas industry.

The ISO 9001 certification is a well-known and recognized certification for quality-conscious companies. The ISO 14001 certification can be awarded to companies that have a significant environmental-aware profile in all processes and activities.
Selektro in Moeldrup has been recognized for both the above certifications – and can now present a new capability to its range of distinctions, namely ISO/TS 29001. This is a quality management standard for product and service suppliers in the oil and gas industry.
ISO/TS 29001 aims at managing the market’s significant risk factors, where incorrect handling of explosive liquids and gases can have serious consequences for humans and the environment.

ISO/TS 29001 provides an opportunity for companies to document a high level of quality management when they operate in the supply chain of the gas and oil industry.
We are, at Selektro, excited about this latest quality recognition awarded to us. The certification involves satisfying a range of requirements, which improve error prevention and reduce variance and waste from service providers.
The requirements include design, development, production and installation. They are clear, consistent, measurable and auditable. They thereby strengthen our focus on quality throughout the entire supply chain.


Selektro is an innovative company creating technological advances in close cooperation with our customers. With courage to think outside of the box, we work in a targeted fashion to find optimal solutions to complex problems.

Most of our customers allow us to manage the entire production process. Others entrust us with smaller specialist projects. In both situations it allows our customers to concentrate on their own core skills.


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