Selektro operates upon the concept of being a total supplier of electronic solutions. Most of our customers allow us to manage the entire production process. Others entrust us with smaller specialist projects. In both situations it allows our customers to concentrate on their own skills.


"Innovation is fundamentally at Selektro
and we strive to strengthen our customers' competitiveness."

Karl-Peter Andersen,





At Selektro we perform electronics assembly on advanced component-mounted circuit boards. This is based upon our zero-error philosophy.

Selektro has the ambition to offer customers a hi-tech production level. This is by the use of state-of-the-art production equipment operated by highly-trained staff.
Our aim is to have a diverse and flexible production apparatus.This is to satisfy the varied requirements placed by customers as regards series size and complexity.
Our factory has a very broad production range. We cover everything from manual to highly automated assembly of HMT and SMT components.


Our SMT machines with component control and vision ensure a very high standard of SMD assembly. Through subsequent soldering with nitrogen - both reflow and wave soldering - the high level of quality in electronics assembly is retained in the most optimal way. Our technicians have wide experience in assembling leaded components. They can confidently perform additional work on circuit boards that may be required by our customer.
Our state-of-the-art SMD Division uses advanced Yamaha Pick & Place units.

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Our modern and fully automated SMD lines cannot carry out all assembly tasks. Therefore, skilled and committed technicians at Selektro perform a wide range of manual electronics assembly tasks. For example:

  • Assembly according to customer production descriptions
  • Device building
  • Wave soldering in fully automated nitrogen oven
  • Automatic control of individual soldering profile
  • Pb-free or Pb soldering
  • Casting and coating


The switchgear production factory at Selektro is an expert subcontractor. It specialises in all drafting and dimensioning work and handles all required approvals. The customers´ specifications always form the basis of our solutions. The division was established in 1999 and has expertise in process systems and automation control systems - primarily for machinery manufacturers and industrial enterprises.

The control systems are produced in compliance with EN60439-1, EN60439-3, EN60439-4 and EN60204-1.

For our regular customers we have developed a configurator to make it easy to complete the finished control system with drawings, materials, product numbers and pricing.

We also have a fast and efficient method of marking cables. Several years ago we invested in a PIGMENT.INK printer, combined it with a cutting machine and a PC with our own software. This means that today we have an efficient and smart way of solving the marking problem. We also invested in other necessary machinery to ensure high production efficiency.


Selektro constructs all types of control panels according to customer specifications and needs. This ensures that we satisfy all of the customers´ requirements.

Control panel production comprises everything from mass-produced machine controls to complex process panels. The control panels are always supplied in type-tested module systems that comply with current national, European and international norms and standards.

Final checks and operating tests
The control panels are scoped and built according to current standards and regulations. All control panels undergo final checks and operating tests before leaving Selektro. The control panels are supplied with full documentation and during commissioning we can assist with any adjustments/running in.

Customer groups
Selektro supplies control panels to the following customer groups:

  • Machine construction
  • Waterworks
  • Waste and purification systems
  • Pump industry
  • Concrete works


    Selektro can participate from the concept to finished product and commissioning phases of control systems with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). We can help you, the customer, clarify a potential project to ensure that you achieve the best and most practical PLC solution.

    The planning of major control system projects for machine construction is carried out by our engineers who have vast expertise in this area. We prepare solution proposals, functionality descriptions and control lists as tools for use in later programming.

    PLC controls are constructed and programmed in recognised PLC products such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Schneider and Mitsubishi.


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    Testing and quality assurance are important at Selektro. We do this to provide customers with the best possible quality.

    Our Testing Division find the ‘correct' testing methods that meet our customer's requirements and the production volume of the product.

    We offer:

    In-circuit tests

    Operating tests

    Burn-in tests

    Final testing

    Vision-based testing

    AOI / optical inspection


    Selektro offers a wide range of solutions in coating and painting. Selektro also offers embedding if the electronics products are to be exposed to very demanding environments.

    Selektro is ATEX certified and approved. This means, for example, that Selektro can produce demanding products operating in areas with risk of explosion.


    Selectro is specialized in the assembly and testing of complete cable systems for industrial, infrastructure and defense enterprises. We develop and produce customer-specific cables and conductor sets for all applications and for all types of environments.

    we can handcraft all types of cables for use in testing or O-series, and we also design EPD cables for use in volume production.

    Selektro produces and confects special cables by using several dedicated high-volume cable confection production lines. Furthermore, we can also produce smaller quantities of highly-specialized and handcrafted cables.

    Our production lines consist of modern machines and tools for isolating, mounting and crimping of pins and terminals. Marking of conductors and cables, as well as the testing and inspection thereof, is performed at all levels according to customer specifications, and this with advanced technology test equipment.



    Selektro currently performs the final assembly of products for a number of our customers. In addition to final assembly and packaging, including manuals, accessories and more in the customer's own packaging materiale, we now increasingly handle the dispatch thereof directly to the customer's dealers and end customers.

    Dispatch documentation and invoices are printed directly on the customer's own online printer at Selektro.



    Selektro increases the value chain by offering several different logistics solutions. With time, customers who order box build solutions also outsource all logistics.

    We can pack products precisely according to customer specification. We use the serial numbers, batch numbers and other EDI numbers as requested by the customer. We send the finished product to the end user according to customer instructions.

    Fast and reliable delivery, for example in specially assigned packaging with correct documentation and error-free electronic tracking, to the customer's end customer is an important competitive parameter offered by Selektro.


    Selektro can relieve our customers of the many resource-intense tasks associated with customer service and after-sales service during the warranty period.

    Selektro offers a cost-effective approach to the expertise required to meet modern service obligations in advanced electronics. These usually require both specialist equipment and specially trained employees. We can determine whether the cheapest solution is to repair or replace - and provide the required service.

    By drawing on our resources, our customers can combine their electronics products with profitable service contracts and repair agreements.

    Our after-sales service also takes the future into account. We monitor supplier relationships and are often able to warn customers about future problems in the supply of components, following which we can provide technical advice on finding alternative solutions. Such situations arise regularly as products become obsolete from component manufacturees and a Last Time Buy occurs. This gives our customers the option of efficiently managing their products' life cycles, avoiding bad investments and phasing out products with a minimum of cost.



    Selektro is an innovative company creating technological advances in close cooperation with our customers. With courage to think outside of the box, we work in a targeted fashion to find optimal solutions to complex problems.

    Most of our customers allow us to manage the entire production process. Others entrust us with smaller specialist projects. In both situations it allows our customers to concentrate on their own core skills.


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