Selektro is a Danish-owned company that is managed by experienced industry experts with wide international manufacturing expertise.

Weoffer a customer-orientated business concept based on skilled employees, qualified consultancy services and project management, a strong automated production platform and efficient logistics.

Selektro offers a full program of services in lead-free production of electronics.
Ourspecialty is the manufacturing of industry electronics for all types ofdemanding environments - manufacturing at a high level of quality and according to the RoHS EU Directive.

We are certified in ISO9001:2015, ATEX, E1, UL and manufacture in accordance with the IPC-A-610 Quality Standard Rev. E Class 2 and 3 from IPC.

Selektro is known as a flexible and quality-conscious supplier that is capable of handling small and medium-sized series on time.

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Skals Elektronik and Echo Electronics merged on 1 August 2009 and changed their name to Selektro. Skals Elektronik started in 1976 by developing one of the first fully electronic brake testers for cars for what was later to become BM Testequipment.

In 1984 the company developed the first control system for automatic weighing for another customer. Over the years, these control systems have been continuously developed to ensure that our customers retain an advantageous market position in terms of product pricing and performance.

EMC has always been one of our key issues. In 1988, when we wanted to invest in EMC instrumentation, we found that the instrumentation available on the market was too expensive - so we decided to develop our own. This became the BG1 Burst Generator which quickly gained a very large share of the Danish market. BG1 has now been replaced by BG2-MKII which offers even more features, but still at a competitive price. In 2004, SE chose to discontinue its production of burst generators.

In 1998, we started a board division specialising in the serial production of smaller boards. With our great flexibility and our continuous attempt to 'read' our customers' requirements in advance, Selektro is a serious partner as regards development, electronic production and board production. Echo Electronics was a Danish-owned enterprise set up as an independent company. This was in 2003 when the electronics division of Echo Graphic A/S became a separate entity. The company was also run by experienced industry experts with wide international production expertise.


Vision & MISSION

Selektro's aim is, through controlled growth, quickly to become one of the industry's preferred EMS providers in Denmark.

Our business is based on close and long-term partnerships with our customers, high quality, great flexibility and precise delivery performance.

Our employees are highly skilled and recruited from among the best in the business. We only use well-maintained and cutting-edge hi-tech production equipment.

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At Selektro A/S we aim at offering our customers a high level of technological production. This is by using modern, flexible and effective production equipment operated by qualified staff. This includes X-ray inspection for verification and analysis. Our SMT machines with vision and component control ensure very high standards in SMD mounting. It is for this reason that Selektro invests significant amounts in high-technology production equipment.


Pick & Place unit: Yamaha / YS88
Pick & Place unit: Yamaha / YS12F-1
Pick & Place unit: Yamaha / YS12F-2
Tin Pasta Screener: Yamaha / YSP High Speed Precision PCB printer
Reflow Oven: BTU / Pyramax 100N
Wave Soldering System: SEHO / PowerWave N2
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI): Marantz PCB assembly inspection
X-Ray: Glenbrook Technologies / RTX series


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in Scandinavia

Selectro has nothing but less than 2,500 sq.m. production and warehouse facilities.

Also, we have installed an energy monitoring system, thereby allowing the company to use its energy resources in an optimal manner.


Selektro is an innovative company creating technological advances in close cooperation with our customers. With courage to think outside of the box, we work in a targeted fashion to find optimal solutions to complex problems.

Most of our customers allow us to manage the entire production process. Others entrust us with smaller specialist projects. In both situations it allows our customers to concentrate on their own core skills.


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Erhvervsvej 29-35
DK- 9632 Møldrup

TLF.: +45 8776 1100
FAX: +45 8669 2227

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