Selektro gives the environment a pat on the back

An ISO 14001 certification is visible evidence of the Moeldrup company’s environmental awareness.

Being environmentally aware is also a quality and has its own special certification titled ISO 14001. This is a seal of approval as regards the environment. Selektro received this fine recognition in the autumn of 2014. ISO 14001 is not only a seal of approval, says Managing Director Karl-Peter Andersen from Selektro – it is a comprehensive new approach to thinking, and this throughout the company. Even though we have always conducted ourselves in a decent manner, it is no secret that is an eye-opening experience for one’s company to be investigated in all areas and made aware of a long list of issues that can be improved upon.

First and foremost we could reduce our electricity consumption, not the least of which was a carefully considered plan to further reduce electricity consumption, and also the reason why we introduced an advanced energy monitoring system.

Recycling has received much more focus. Matters such as environmentally harmful refuse and chemicals, use of masks and gloves, more effective extraction and detailed contingency plans, for example in cases of fire or chemical contamination, have been considered. It is simple, nothing is left to chance, stresses Karl-Peter Andersen.

We had very good and close cooperation with the authorities, and everyone in the company worked significantly to achieve the visual proof of our desire that Selektro actively participates for a sustainable production and a good environment. I am extremely happy as regards the process that led to our ISO 14001 environmental certification, which in the deepest sense is an expression of healthy behavior in a company that seriously considers issues.

However, we are not taking a rest. On the contrary, we are already working towards ISO 29001 certification, which will emphasize our skills as regards our cooperation with our customers in the off-shore industry, concludes Managing Director Karl-Peter Andersen from Selektro in Moeldrup.

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